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About Us

The Birth of MangoBaby

Aunt's Mei Tai

Welcome. I'm Grace, a busy mother like you. And perhaps like you, I found myself very disappointed by modern baby carriers. They were bulky, uncomfortable, and impractical and my daughter did not like being in them. I felt there had to be a better way. And I desperately needed something that worked!

I tried looking to my Chinese background to find a solution. After finding a traditional baby carrier in the family, I was surprised to discover the simplicity and practicality of the mei tai. And my daughter loved it too! To my amazement, it comforted her and often, put her to sleep within minutes. And I loved that I could roll it up and take it with me where ever I wanted to go!

First Mei Tai

However, the family mei tai was small and my daughter quickly outgrew it. Unable to find a larger baby carrier, even in Chinatown, I had to hunt down some fabric to design and make my own. It turned out not only to be extremely comfortable and practical, but also attracted a lot of attention.

I soon discovered that I was not the only mother disappointed by the modern baby carrier. After making a few requests for friends, I decided to start a business.

Mangoes are a favourite fruit of the Chinese and of my daughter, and was one of her very first foods. She often reminds me, "Mangoes are a baby's favourite lunch!" Thus was born... the MangoBaby baby carrier.

Left: Me and my daughter in the first mei tai I made. Right Top: The design from the mei tai my Mom had for me.

Grandma and Mei Tai

Working from home....

After a long absence and many life changes, I have decided to start up Mangobaby again as a hand made product in my Etsy store. At the present, I am running MangoBaby part-time with my mother. We hope that if Mangobaby catches on, to include my aunt, and hire locally. We want to provide you with a baby carrier that you can be assured was hand made by women who are making a decent living.

Right: Grandmother (Po Po) and granddaughter in the mei tai above.

Testimonials from my customers....

Nana, mother of newborn

"The MangoBaby baby carrier has been a huge help. It's freed up my hands to do regular every day things. So far I've used it to carry my baby while eating, both at home and at restaurants, go to a concert, nurse her (upright with my breast and baby's head supported), and walk the dog. When we went out of town we brought two carriers but the mango was the one I used. It folds down so small that it was easy to stuff it into my bag. I also really like that the shoulder straps are so wide that they don't put a lot of pressure on my shoulders. The fabric is beautiful. The carrier feels like it's part of my outfit. I actually find this carrier easier to use than the sling style carrier. Recommendations - dress baby lightly, it warms up quickly!"

Kim, mother of 10 month-old

"The MangoBaby has been amazing because it is so easy to bring along anywhere, is beautiful and affordable. I really enjoyed it when we went away as it takes up very little space and was perfect at the cottage to slip her in quickly when I needed an extra hand or to carry her easily."

Heather, mother of 2.5 year-old

"I bought my Mango Baby carrier over a year ago when my 30 pound 1yr old outgrew or was too difficult to carry in all my other carriers. I loved it because his legs wrap around me (no more get kicked by his long legs) and it was lightweight and much cooler than the other carrier I had been using. Fits in a diaper bag, is beautiful, durable and wash and wear. I carry my now 35lb 2 1/2 yr old all the time. I can go for long periods and we're both comfortable. The wide shoulder straps really spread out the weight. I could not live without this carrier. Amazing for bigger babies and older kids."


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