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Businesses by Other Mothers - Small businesses - good for the family, society, and the planet!
Babywearing - It's okay to hold your baby, and why you should hold them more!
Breastfeeding - Tips from real mamas for real mamas.
Attachment Parenting - More than just 'attachment".

Businesses by Other Mothers

Little Woolly Lullabies

Kelly Hood, mother of 2 little guys, recorded this beautiful CD of Celtic lullabies on Scottish smallpipes and tin whistle. Click on the picture to watch her play the tin whistle.

Visit her site to listen to sample tracks!

Lippert Music Centre Inc.
970 Pape Avenue (between Mortimer & Cosburn)
469 Manor Road E. (Bayview & Eglinton)

Charleen Beard, mother of 10-year old twins - a boy and a girl, owns one of the best run music schools in the Toronto area. Visit her website to find out more about her quality programming!

Red Tent Sisters

Red Tent Sisters is a newly opened business partnership between sisters Amy and Kimberley Sedgwick who share a passion for women's health issues. Their goal is to to provide a home, a safe space for women to develop a positive and healthy relationship to their bodies. In naming the business, they borrowed the term "Red Tent" from the book of fiction by Anita Diamant to signify a space where women can come together during times of menstruation and child-birth to share wisdom, support and compassion for one another.

Coco the Clown

Kim Logan, mother of one sweetie-pie, is one of the friendliest clowns in the Toronto area. Contact her to plan your party! Visit her site to find out more!


Alexandra MacQueen, mother of two, has a mission to help people build wealth. And she especially has a soft spot for working with mothers trying to build successful businesses.

Kindred Spirit Childbirth services

Kimberly Fernandez, is a trained doula and mother of three. She's also been featured on mom2mom Toronto's website at Check out her website to find out more about how the role of a doula can enhance your childbirth experience.

Guiding Light Birth Services

Amanda Burke, mother of one, is passionate about her job as a doula and childbirth educator. Having had a less than ideal birth experience, she has found a new calling in helping others achieve the birth experience they want. Her website is full of useful information and great pictures!

New Life Prenatal Classes

Knowledge, skills, confidence. Help make your birth experience a positive and joyous event.

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The ultimate online babywearing resource centre! Anyone who has anything to do with babywearing starts here, and sometimes never leave! At TBW, you can find information on every kind of baby carrier imaginable, as well information on vendors and forums to discuss various issues related to babywearing.

Koala Mamas

Based in Toronto, the Koala Mamas babywearing group meet on a weekly basis to share parenting stories and give support to those who are new to babywearing. They always have a stash of baby carriers for newbies to try. There are now two groups, one in the west end, and one in the east end. They also have a Yahoo group that discusses various issues related to attachment parenting. Find out how to join on their website!

Carry Me Close

Based in central Toronto, Carry Me Close is a babywearing group that meets weekly to present or discuss different topics. They also have a lending library of baby carriers for people to sign out. Visit their website for more information on babywearing in Toronto, and read about past meetings on their blog.

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